Metacreative Technologies is an advanced media company based in Vancouver, Canada. It is born of the Metacreation Lab at Simon Fraser University, and we acknowledge the partnership of VentureLabs.


Philippe Pasquier is an associate professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology of Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology since January 2008. There, he conducts both a scientific and artistic research agenda. His research focuses on building deeper theories for endowing machines with autonomous behaviors, with a focus on creative and artistic applications.
philippe [at]

Arne Eigenfeldt is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music, and is an active software designer. His music has been performed throughout the world, and his research in intelligent music systems has been published and presented in international conferences. He teaches music and technology at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts.
arne [at]


Christopher Anderson is a graduate from the School of Contemporary Arts MFA program at Simon Fraser University. He is a composer and performer with a background in both traditional and electronic music. His interests include exploring new approaches to interactive musical performance and the use of generative systems within composition. Much of his work explores the use of music technology and its various functions within societies and cultures.

Tristan Bayfield graduated from computing science at SFU (2015) with an extended minor in music, and has a diploma in electrical engineering from BCIT (2006). He has focused his studies around sound synthesis, digital signal processing, and applications for live music performance, and has experience programming in C/C++, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Python, Matlab, and Max/MSP. Since 1997, Tristan has enjoyed listening to and writing electronic music; professionally, he aims to create intelligent tools for music composition that emphasize usability and high-level control.

Nicholas Gonzales-Thomas is a MSc student with a background in computer science and musical composition. His work focuses on interactive music generation models and the automatic computational analysis and evaluation of Metacreative systems. As an active improviser he is keen on developing technologies that serve as collaborators in the creative process.

Miles Thorogood is a PhD student concentrating on the research and development of creative computational systems for exploring the soundscape. This research reflects on how the soundscape is a layered problem, which involves physical, social, and personal experiences. Specifically, Miles is investigating the system design for autonomous management of soundscape archives with natural language processing, and models for representation of environmental sound. His research interests include aesthetics in the public sphere, systems design, and the creative application of artificial intelligence systems.

James Maxwell‘s research explores the design and development of computer-assisted composition tools, with a focus on using intelligent, adaptive systems as compositional “collaborators.” His focus is on using cognitively-inspired designs to guide the acquisition and exploitation of musical material in interactive music composition systems.

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