Style Machine Lite



StyleMachine is a series of products for computer-assisted composition of electronic music. StyleMachine Lite, the first of the series, is a Max4Live Device that runs in Ableton Live that allows for the generation of a new compositions in a specific style. Rather than relying upon a given set of templates or pre-composed tracks that will force users to always begin with the same music, StyleMachine Lite uses machine learning algorithms to learn from existing tracks (what we call a corpus) and generate new music in the same style. Because StyleMachine Lite generates MIDI clips, it allows users to alter any part of the generation to suit their needs. Furthermore, it is possible to interact with the system to quickly generate a new parts, or entirely new tracks.

The Lite version initially comes with four style corpora, but more are in preparation. For now, we have two main styles – Breakbeat and House – divided by year, containing models representative of many tracks from each era:

  • Early Breakbeat (2001-2006)
  • Late BreakBeat (2007-2012)
  • Early House Music (1989-2000)
  • Late House Music (2001-2012)

StyleMachine Lite offers a new functionality that will allow our users to compose more efficiently, and focus upon production and mixing, while it will allow advanced users to explore and alter the generated material in ways to which they are already accustomed.

Specifically, the user can select and mix from a number of predefined corpora (which are statistical models based upon detailed musical analysis of actual songs by human experts), and the system will generate an entire composition that includes drums, percussion, bass, and melodies that align to a generated chord progression. Our system utilizes a unique set of algorithms that implement style imitation, in which entirely new music is generated that is consistent within that style. Although the user can hear the music immediately using preset sounds, final selection of sounds (production), and adjusting their levels (mixing) is left to the user.


  • Live 9.0.1 or higher (32-bit version only)
  • Max For Live
  • OsX (tested on Mountain Lion and Yosemite) or Windows (tested on 8.1)

Audio / Video


Example tracks:

Using the House corpus, and the Progressive template:

Using the Breaks corpus, and the Funky template:

Using the Breaks corpus, and the Progressive template:

Using the House corpus, and the Funky template:

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